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  • Web-based marketing portals
    House your marketing materials online, so theyre available 24/7. Let your sales force customize their messages with pre-approved text and images. Print and deliver with just a few clicks.  
  • Offset Printing
    We wanted to offset our digital printing capabilities. With our new Heidelberg Speedmaster 74, we can.
    Offset printing, now at Imec.  
  • Online brand asset libraries
    Ensure brand compliance while you enable your network of advertisers. Take your brand assets (logos, product images, sales sheets, etc.) and store them online.  
  • Digital print on-demand
    Print your materials only as you need them. No inventory. No dust. No waste. Just exactly what you need, when you need it. Practically done, in quantities as low as one  
  • Variable data printing
    Imagine printing 500 postcards with 500 different headlines and visuals. Thats individually targeted content in a single nonstop print run. Maximum effectiveness, maximum efficiency.  
  • 1:1 marketing
    Create your most impactful communications ever. Using your client information, you can tailor your message in the one way that will appeal most to each recipient in your target audience.  
  • Personalized URLs/Response Management
    Link your direct mail response channels by making a personalized URL part of your call-to-action. Respondents find relevant content, while you capture data and real-time leads.  
How To Design For Variable Databack to list
Know your data before you design.
If at all possible, get the spreadsheet, data array, and/or collection of images on the front end so you know exactly what you need to accommodate.

Make all images the same size.
Confine all your images to a defined area in your layout, and make sure each and every image is sized and proportioned to fit.

Design text for the worst-case scenario.
If you have the actual data, find the longest and shortest lengths of text that will be variable. If you donít have the data, make up your own best- and worst-case scenarios (Bo Lee vs. John-Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt). Typically, the worst-case scenario is of greatest concern. Test the longest and shortest lengths, and make adjustments to your type specs (point size, leading, condensed font, letterspacing, and scaling) until you have one spec that will work for every scenario. (If this proves impossible, you can consult your Imec representative for alternative solutions.)

Know some tricks and rules of thumb.
Centering your variable text could help you avoid bad line breaks and widows. But if the variable text will appear in a table, itís usually better to left-justify it than to center it. Donít flow text around an image. Donít vary more than twenty elements on a page. Provide a separate instructions document to describe complicated conditions/scenarios. And in your printout or PDF, indicate variable text with green type and brackets, and if possible use the exact name of the source data field, like so: [Column1].