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  • Web-based marketing portals
    House your marketing materials online, so theyre available 24/7. Let your sales force customize their messages with pre-approved text and images. Print and deliver with just a few clicks.  
  • Offset Printing
    We wanted to offset our digital printing capabilities. With our new Heidelberg Speedmaster 74, we can.
    Offset printing, now at Imec.  
  • Online brand asset libraries
    Ensure brand compliance while you enable your network of advertisers. Take your brand assets (logos, product images, sales sheets, etc.) and store them online.  
  • Digital print on-demand
    Print your materials only as you need them. No inventory. No dust. No waste. Just exactly what you need, when you need it. Practically done, in quantities as low as one  
  • Variable data printing
    Imagine printing 500 postcards with 500 different headlines and visuals. Thats individually targeted content in a single nonstop print run. Maximum effectiveness, maximum efficiency.  
  • 1:1 marketing
    Create your most impactful communications ever. Using your client information, you can tailor your message in the one way that will appeal most to each recipient in your target audience.  
  • Personalized URLs/Response Management
    Link your direct mail response channels by making a personalized URL part of your call-to-action. Respondents find relevant content, while you capture data and real-time leads.  
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PURLs: Precious.
Studies show that nearly 33% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online. And you can bet that number is growing. After all, it's much more convenient to hop on the computer than fill out a Business Reply Card and mail. Now, imagine making your direct mailís call-to-action a personalized URL: "John, to find out more, please visit www.john.sample.promo-offer.com". When John visits, he gets a special web landing page that campaigns with your print direct mail piece ó and can also contain the same variable images and text to suit Johnís interests. Result? John gets relevant content that's engaging and meaningful. You get the opportunity to survey John, capture his email address, track his activity, or execute any number of other tactics made possible on the web. And the moment John responds, a notification can be automatically and immediately routed to a designated salesperson or department of your choosing. Then you can follow up, make assessments, using comprehensive reports that detail response rates, visitor patterns, and more. This is true multiple-media strategy ó making two powerful response channels work together to manage and increase your responses.