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It all started in 1923.

Since 1923Imec was founded as Memphis Engraving Company in 1923. Soon, we were well-established as the hard-working nice guys who'd do anything for you. We were family owned. (Still are.) We worked primarily for ad agencies and graphic design firms. And we were known from Memphis to Manhattan as the unbeatable experts in demanding prepress services, like photo retouching and critical color management.

PhotographyAlong the way, of course, the business world changed. And we changed right along with it. Before we knew it, we weren't just managing files, we were managing databases (online databases full of images and content). We weren't just retouching photography, we were shooting it (in our own fully equipped studio). And we weren't just handling prepress, we were running our own presses (the high-tech digital kind).

In 2001, we finally decided it was time to change our name to match the changes in our services. Because we wanted to stay true to our roots, we kept the "MEC" from Memphis Engraving Company And we coined a new name simply by adding the letter "I."

What does the I stand for? All the things that we've always stood for. Integrity. Ingenuity. Imagination. Intelligence. And of course, insight - informed by more than 80 years' experience in marketing communications.

Clearly, we're not just doing i-candy anymore.

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