Digital Printing
Print On-Demand
Today you no longer have to pay up front to produce large quantities of printed pieces for a year’s worth of needs — and then pay more for space and administrative time to maintain the inventory. Now with Imec’s digital printing capabilities, you can print as you go — and enjoy quick turnarounds on only the quantities you need. (Plus with distinct, custom print runs, you can add relevance with unique, custom messages.) And when we say any quantity, we mean any quantity — no matter how low. So if you need 20 brochures, you can print 20. If you need five sales kits, you can print five. And if you really do need 5,000 flyers, of course you can print 5,000. Our HP Indigo press is the most advanced on the market, so you can count on getting the highest quality regardless of quantity.
Personalized Print Communications.
Back in the day, personalization meant overprinting a recipient name in a space left void in the design. It was an obvious gimmick and in reality, not very personal at all. But today, with digital printing and Imec technology, we make personalization truly integrated with your marketing communications. And not just personalized text, but also personalized imagery, illustrations, logos, anything you can imagine. This means your message will have the very best opportunity possible to connect with customers. And that’s more than personal. That’s powerful. To learn more, see variable data printing.

Offset Printing
Although we’re passionate about digital printing as the way of the future, we know that there are plenty of applications still around for which offset printing makes the most sense. If you’re not sure when to go offset, you can count on our unbiased advice. Count on our knowhow, too — we’ve been working with offset printing since 1923. Expect the best plan for cost-efficiency, and the best performance out of ink and paper. Whether you need a giant web run or a small sheet-fed run, Imec has got you covered.

Variable Data Printing
If you want your communications to be more effective, you need to make them more relevant. So try this: Build your design to accommodate the individual content of your information databases. Then give us your database and tell us to sync it with your production art file through our digital printing presses. The result? Variable data printing — the ability to vary your text and images piece by piece within a single print run. So you can print 500 postcards with 500 different headlines. Or vary pictures, text, promotional offerings, or incentives based on each recipient in your database. All without ever stopping the press. It’s maximum effectiveness and maximum efficiency at the same time.