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Web Services

Web Portals

Web-to-Print WorkflowsYou click. We print.

Now you can store all your production art online with a special website we set up for you. When you do, you can view and select your materials from anywhere in the world 24/7. Specify quantity and date needed, and place your print order with just a click. Then we deliver. It’s that simple. But if you want to get sophisticated, customize your messaging with intelligent templates through MyMarketing.

Imagine having customizable templates for your field marketing materials — ads, product brochures, direct mail, sales collateral. Imagine storing all these templates online, so that your sales reps and dealers can access them anytime from anywhere. Imagine also giving them the ability to customize these materials for any customer or any situation — by choosing pre-approved copy options, targeted images, or even by writing their own copy. Now imagine them clicking a button and receiving a customized printed piece as soon as the next business day.

You’ve just imagined MyMarketing by Imec — our web-based marketing portal service. And you can stop imagining now, because it’s real. With MyMarketing, you enable your network to customize messaging for more powerful persuasion. You maintain brand consistency by controlling their choices. And you ensure speed to market with the latest product information created, approved, printed and delivered overnight. Don’t wait another minute. Schedule your personal demonstration today.

Online Brand Asset LibrariesMore usable means more valuable.

What are your most valuable brand assets? Your logo, product photography, spec sheets, sales presentations? None of them have real value in the marketplace unless your reps and network of advertisers can put them to use quickly, accurately, and easily.

That’s why you should establish an online brand asset library with Imec. Store all your assets online, so they’re searchable and accessible 24/7 from anywhere on the planet using any web-enabled device, including your smart phone. It’s all part of having a web-based marketing portal — the easiest way to keep your materials up-to-date and brand-compliant.

Imagine no more outdated CDs or binders; no more fulfilling endless requests from the field. Everything’s just a URL away, ready to download. You save on printing and distribution, ensure brand consistency, and empower your associates. Result? You’ll get the absolute most out of your brand asset investment.

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